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Tips for Keeping Roll-off Dumpsters Clean

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

tips for keeping roll off dumpsters clean blog

As you probably already know, a roll-off dumpster is a heavy-duty trash container used for big clean-up projects. They are great for handling debris at your office, home, remodeling, or demolition projects (read more on that HERE). The open top is convenient for loading on-location junk, trash, and debris. Unfortunately, the convenience of the seemingly bottomless receptacle can often lead to unwanted dirt, food remnants, grease, and grime on the dumpster itself, making the overall experience a bit… gross. But worry not; that can be avoided! After all, we wouldn’t be in the waste management business if there was no way to “manage the waste”!

Why Should You Clean Your Dumpster?

Even if you only have it for a short time, keeping it as clean as possible is essential for a long-term rental. Implement a consistent cleaning schedule to prevent the buildup of debris and odors. In addition, cleaning the ground around the dumpster, the area surrounding the container, and the nearby surfaces will help maintain a clean and sanitary environment. This improves the experience of using your roll-off dumpster and ensures your security deposit is safe and sound!

Here are a few habits that we recommend to keep your roll-off nice and clean!

Avoid Restricted Dumpster Items

It is important to follow the rules on your dumpster rental regarding what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Typically, the items that aren’t permitted in a dumpster are messy and harmful. Batteries, asbestos, toxic chemicals, and flammable liquids are considered environmental hazards and should not go in any dumpster. Wet paint, tires, oil, and certain appliances are also restricted from the content list. Again, these usually cause a messy dumpster and an environmental hazard. Contact one of our BVR experts today if you have questions about specific materials.

Click HERE to view our Recycling Center Acceptable Item List.

Dumpster Placement And Accessibility

Choosing a flat, stable surface area for the dumpster will keep it from tilting or tipping over. Ensuring that there is enough space around the dumpster for easy maneuvering and cleaning will eliminate other areas getting damaged and leave sufficient clearance on all sides of the container to facilitate waste disposal and minimize the risk of damage to nearby objects. We recommend coordinating with BVR Dumpsters experts to determine the required access space for your dumpster rental.

Refrain From Dumping Food

Food products in the dumpster will attract unwanted pests and varmints. Try to avoid putting food products in the dumpster. If it is necessary to dispose of food products, try to keep the lid closed, or of course, you can bag it up. If you choose to dispose of food in your dumpster, we recommend not filling it up to the top. Filling your container over the top allows pests to overflow onto the ground and wind to blow things out. Keeping the area around your dumpster as clean as possible is always a good practice.

Roll-off dumpsters can benefit commercial businesses, home remodeling projects, outdoor fairs, and festivals. Having the right equipment for the disposal of your debris is essential, especially to keep a roll-off dumpster clean. Implementing these tips and maintaining good waste management practices can help keep your roll-off dumpster clean and minimize any associated issues for a better overall waste management experience.

Read THIS BLOG for all you need to know about renting a roll-off dumpster!

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