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Celebrating Earth Day with Brannon Industrial Group

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

celebrating earth day blog

As you may or may not know, BVR Dumpsters is proud to be a part of the Brannon Industrial Group. A family owned corporation that operates multiple waste & recycling companies. With that in mind, we're sharing a recent initiative that they're pushing for the much-anticipated celebration of Earth Day. Here are the details...

From now till April 20th, we'll be encouraging individuals and groups to join us in celebrating Earth Day and working towards a greener future! We want to bring special attention to this day because we want to help educate and further its mission. In between now and Earth Day- Saturday April 22nd, we are encouraging the greater Brazos Valley to build a functional item, solely from recyclable materials. We’re calling it: Reuse Your Recyclables!

This is a virtual competition throughout the whole Brazos Valley to make the most creatively functional item ONLY using recyclable materials. Our hope is that this Earth Day project provides an educational reminder to what items are recyclable and how they should be recycled, while also giving a new perspective on how we can all repurpose everyday items in our life… all while having FUN! Participants are encouraged to work on their creation for the coming weeks and submit the project’s name, photos and/ or videos with a short description of its function to by Thursday, April 20th. With winners (and prizes!!!) set to be announced on Friday the 21st, the day before Earth Day!

We will be awarding first through third places to the best entries. The third place winner will receive $100, second place $250, and the first place winner will receive a grand prize of $500.

The Brazos Valley community is encouraged to participate as individuals OR teams! Gather up the family, team, class, or neighborhood and reuse your recyclables!

Competition Specifics


All materials of the project must be classified as recyclable. With the exception of glue and tape. Recyclable materials include: plastic, paper, metal, glass, aluminum, steel, wood, and cardboard.


In order to be considered for the top prizes, projects must have an operable function, solve a problem, or serve a purpose. Our definition of functional is: completing or fulfilling a specific task that is predetermined. Examples of functional items: a birdhouse, vessels that can hold liquid or other materials, a surface that can hold weight and stand on its own.


All projects must be submitted by email on or before Thursday, April 20th. In order to be considered, the submission must include the name of the team or individual, a name for the creation, photos and/ or video of the creation, and a small description of its function.

Click below to download (and share!!) the informational flyer.

earth day flyer
Download PDF • 680KB

As a waste management company, we know firsthand how well our daily habits impact our planet. As Earth Day approaches, it's important to reflect on the impact that we have on our planet and what we can do to make a difference. We're so excited to see the awesome creations that you and your friends come up with by reusing your recyclables!

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