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Dumping Out the Benefits of a Dumpster

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Big projects can be hugely rewarding as well as a huge mess! From home renovations to commercial builds, in this blog we will discuss a few of the top reasons on why you should rent a dumpster for your next project. BVR Dumpster has the right dumpster for any job.

benefits of a dumpster blog

Productivity- Productivity will increase when there is an available dumpster compared to if there is not. From personal experience, when a family member passed away we rented a 14 yard dumpster to clean out the home. We were able to all pitch in and clean out everything in the home including dishes, trash, clothing and more. We were able to get a 4 bedroom home spotless in just a day and a half. People tend to work faster and harder with disposing of waste if they can just toss in a dumpster versus placing in bags or separate piles.

roll off dumpster benefits

Removal of Hazards- When a dumpster is available, your team has a place to toss potential work hazards such as screws, damaged wood and more. During a home remodel or new build, the most common hazard or injury inducing debris are loose nails and broken glass. Nothing shuts down a work site faster than an injury. Protect your employees, friends or family from lacerations or worse, by having a dumpster on site to quickly dispose of these hazards.

environmental benefits of a dumpster

There are many more benefits to rent a dumpster from better air quality to allowing you or your company to follow laws and regulations for disposing of certain items. There are not, however, very many reasons for why you should NOT rent a dumpster when needed. They are a cost effective, beneficial and economical way to approach your remodel, home clean out, or new construction job. Dumpsters help keep the environment clean and healthy, when used properly.

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