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Rental Success Story: Home Renovation

Home Renovation

How did you approach the planning and design phases of your renovation project?

Well, we bought our house to renovate one or two spaces. As we planned more and more of the details of those spaces, it became apparent that we wanted (and needed) to do more than those originally planned spaces. So now we're looking at a full-scale gut renovation. In construction terms, almost every wall in the house is getting taken apart, drywall comes down, and insulation comes out, which means... a LOT of waste!

When did you decide to rent a dumpster from BVR Dumpsters, and what led to that decision?

Well, it only took one day of demolition to realize there would be so much trash and waste from this project. We didn't even take down one room's worth of drywall before filling up five garbage trash cans!

Can you share your experience renting and using a dumpster from BVR Dumpsters?

Of course! It was a no-brainer! I see dumpsters all over town at construction and demolition projects with the BVR Waste & Recycling sticker. So I just called the number on the sticker and got connected to a sales rep immediately! I explained the size of our project and the type of work we were doing. The sales rep knew the perfect size of dumpster to rent to us right away! So we picked a delivery date, and I paid over the phone.

How did BVR Dumpsters contribute to your renovation's waste management and cleanup?

Well, it's still going on! So, all I can say thus far is that they have been a game-changer in keeping our property well-kept and clean. The dumpster is excellent because our construction crew adds stuff to it daily that they work on our house. But we're also throwing our yard waste in there as well. We're working on cleaning up the overgrown areas of our backyard, side, and yard, which also renders a lot of waste. It's been easy to chuck it in the dumpster as we progress.

What advice or insights would you offer other homeowners considering a renovation project that might benefit from dumpster rental services?

Hmm.. Some people might believe that they don't need a dumpster because their project won't be big enough to fill it. I recommend doing a few small projects first to judge how much waste those projects garner. It is usually way more than you think! I wish we would've rented a dumpster sooner!

Managing renovation waste effectively is a crucial aspect of any home improvement project. BVR Dumpsters has proven to be an invaluable partner in this endeavor, providing hassle-free dumpster rentals that simplify cleanup and keep your property organized. Whether tackling a minor renovation or a full-scale gut job, don't underestimate the volume of waste you'll generate. As our homeowner's experience has shown, renting a dumpster from BVR Dumpsters can save you time and effort and ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. So, if you're gearing up for a renovation, consider making BVR Dumpsters your trusted ally in waste management. Your home, your construction crew, and your peace of mind will thank you.

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